film613 is a blog focused on building engagement and community among film fans in the Ottawa / Outaouais area. Content is produced by volunteers, covering a diverse range of events and film genres from everywhere.

Meet the team.

Jith Paul

Editor, Web Designer

Jith Paul is an independent filmmaker based in Ottawa. An engineer by training he decided to take a detour to follow his passion for film. He is a co-founder of the Ottawa Canadian Film Festival, a non-profit whose mission is to celebrate Canadian film and filmmakers.  

Alvin Tsang

Film Reviewer

In his youth Alvin loved watching movies and would find himself spending his lunch money and allowance at the box office. He now holds a professional writing diploma, a couple of journalism degrees, and likes to spend his free time reviewing movies. 

Catharine Horsley

Film Reviewer

Catharine Horsley is a film studies graduate from Carleton University, who is addicted to the cinema. She is very passionate about art, photography, and filmmaking. Her dream is to become a screenwriter or film critic.

Angus Luff

Film Reviewer

Angus Luff grew up loving movies ever since he first saw Jurassic Park at the age of five. Since then he’s immersed himself in classic and cult cinema, and picked up film as a possible career path. He lives in the Glebe, attends Glebe Collegiate, and continues to expand his cinematic palette. 

Chantelle Blanchard

Film Reviewer

Chantelle Blanchard has been a judge and mentor for Ottawa Idol, and has performed at many local events as a singer, in the Ottawa area. She enjoys mentoring and helping people become better at what they love to do.

Blair Campbell

Film Reviewer

Raconteur of useless trivia, most awkward hugger possible. I co-founded this. Pauline Kael stole the name of my upcoming autobiography…

Amen Jafri

Film Reviewer

Amen Jafri is an award-winning documentary filmmaker and sometimes brand consultant, currently in development on a short on self-marriage.

Rachel Loewen

Film Reviewer

Rachel Loewen is a film studies master’s student at Carleton University. She is currently writing a thesis about the different genres of anorexia vlogs on YouTube.


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