Event: DiverCITY Film Festival 2023

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The DiverCITY film festival is a new opportunity for independent filmmakers in Ottawa to showcase their films and to network with like-minded creatives in Ottawa.  The festival is organized by local filmmaker Patrick Kabeya and held at Studio 4 Sets (Nyce Image Productions) in Nepean.

The second night of screenings featured a diverse group of locally produced short films, shown in two blocks.  The line-up included a few films that I enjoyed at digi60, and it was nice to see them again on a big screen, with an audience.  

The line-up from night 2 of the 2023 DiverCITY Film Festival

One film that stood out to me in the first block was Visions from director David Scrieciu, a film about a pianist with vision loss who has a chance encounter with an old friend that drives him to try a risky medical procedure. Trailer for Visions.

My favourite in the second block was John Palagonas’ Three Gifts.  Originally created for Monster Pool—a local horror festival—the film follows a young woman who brings a friend to spend time at her cottage.  I particularly liked how the film was shot and edited with restraint, building intrigue that leads to the payoff at the end. Teaser for Three Gifts.

Three Gifts

It is exciting to see more new venues and opportunities to showcase diverse locally produced work across the city.  The Studio 4 Sets space was an intimate venue with a very chill vibe, making for great opportunities to network.  At times, it felt like a small group of friends getting together to make a mix-tape.  This is the first year of the DiverCITY festival and I hope to see more of these gatherings in the city. 

The festival continues this afternoon, February 19, with previews of two series, The Incredible L.I.P.S. and No Regrets.  More information about the DiverCITY Film Festival.

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