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The irony of our present time offers a deepening sense of disconnect and isolation despite the speed and convenience of modern-day communication. Yet in this age, director Thaïs Despont delivers us A love letter: where the simplicity of a handwritten letter invites viewers together through evoking a raw, honest, and relatable intimacy.

In this visual poem, we follow actor Tamara Appleton as she narrates the first love letter she wrote to Despont. Its imagery, paired with a warm color palette, makes you feel like it’s walking you through a dream, quite like how love itself feels. In addition, having Appleton act out the letter makes the film feel like Despont’s response to Appleton herself: an homage to her and the authentic relationship that they share and cultivate.

With this, the letter’s fearlessness in expressing emotions as vulnerable as love roots a personal connection not only to Despont but to her audience. It breaks that fourth wall, enveloping viewers in the warmth and sincerity that love brings us.

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Bernice De Gracia

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