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At age 14, Ellie is struggling with alcoholism. She finds Camp Tipsy, a camp that helps teens quit drinking.

Camp Tipsy is a short drama about Ellie, a teenage alcoholic, as she joins Camp Tipsy, a camp dedicated to stopping young kids from indulging in drugs and alcohol. She learns a lot about the kids and counselors at the camp, and their experiences with alcohol, realizes the importance of togetherness and how to move on from the past.

The film is rich in themes of family, regret, addiction and moving on, and it conveys so much without actually showing or saying very much. The performances feel believable and real, as it really feels like you’re watching flawed people trying to be better. The cinematography is also great, the crew completely nailed the feeling of the warm glow of the sunset, and the cold dead of night. 

Camp Tipsy is a very powerful short film that really impressed me in its honesty, humour and heart, and at no point does it feel forced or cheesy, which could for a story like this. This was one of the more impressive watches of the festival (OCan21), and I highly recommend it.

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