Review: Dear Evan Hansen

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“Dear Evan Hansen” is based off of the musical production from 2015. The film features the importance of mental health, especially with one teen in particular, whose mental health struggles constantly affect his life. However, despite the film being composed of supposedly inspirational and relatable songs that convey emotion, the plot displays selfish characters who exploit other people’s emotions, airing their dirty laundry for their own personal gain.

This film is inconsistent as it explores the individuals’ apathetic tendencies exhibited within their superficial relationships, and the betrayal and sabotage amongst teens in their adolescent lives. It is also manipulative and somewhat exhibits signs of gaslighting with regards to not only having the characters doubt themselves, but the audience as well. The film’s focus on addressing one’s mental health difficulties diminishes as the film progresses, and the audience is left questioning what they have just watched and why. On the one hand, the film tries to portray how one’s mental health can affect everything, but on the other hand, you are left feeling frustrated due to the characters misrepresenting the theme of the film. Needless to say, if you are thinking about watching a film that addresses mental health, or you are someone who struggles with mental health and may be searching for a character to relate to, then this movie is not for you.

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