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“the smallest steps” is a great choice for the opening feature film for the Ottawa Canadian Film Festival in 2022. This is a documentary exploring violence against women. Four different women discuss the various forms of activism while highlighting the challenges and successes experienced so far. There are specific mentions of women’s marches across Canada, the Red Dress Project, and Operation Teddy Bear. This film will educate you and expose mundane practices like the forced sterilization in certain areas of Canada.

While some of the interviews were dragged out a bit (maybe for emphasis, who knows?), I experienced a wide variety of emotions while watching this film. The success stories made me happy, the setback infuriated me while the recorded progress so far inspired me to believe that this cause is achievable.

The overall message is simple: Listen to women, learn, and figure out how to engage.

I recommend.

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Uchechi Ogbonna

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