Review: World of The Fluffs

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This is the documentary of a sentient piece of fluff and his journey to build a home.

Chaisi Glover’s World Of The Fluffs is a delightful animated feature that is inspired by a very real, and unfortunate habit.

The colourfully constructed cinematography and entertaining narration, depicts a joyous imaginary world that truly captivates the audience.

More info & links:

  • Director: Chaisi Glover
  • Official Website
  • World of the Fluffs is available on Vimeo
  • World of the Fluffs screened at the Ottawa Canadian Film Festival in 2020.

Catharine Horsley

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Catharine Horsley is a film studies graduate from Carleton University, who is addicted to the cinema. She is very passionate about art, photography, and filmmaking. Her dream is to become a screenwriter or film critic. When Catharine isn’t watching movies, she finds joy in reading, writing, painting, and cooking.