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Ottawa small business/live music venue, ‘House of Targ’, struggles to stay afloat through the global pandemic. What does this mean for the owners and the local Ottawa community? Is there more than just a small business at stake?

Pinball & Perogies is a short documentary on Ottawa’s famous arcade House of TARG, following their acclaim and popularity, and their struggles during COVID-19. 

If you’ve ever had good memories at TARG, then this doc is for you. The director, Sammy J. Lewis, gets a nice selection of interviews and footage that makes you really feel like he’s captured the experience and feeling of what it meant to be there, as well as the struggles of adapting to the COVID lifestyle, and the fear surrounding it. 

It’s a great short documentary, but perhaps I bit too short, as sometimes I wished they would go into a little more detail about certain aspects of the business. But as it stands, Pinball & Perogies is an enjoyable watch about our favorite local arcade, music venue and perogie place.

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