Review: L’Entente Cordiale (The Cordial Agreement)

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A young couple in Montreal visits their landlords to negotiate their increased rent.

The film takes place in an ordinary dinner setting but operates on nightmare logic. 

The landlords say they want to increase the couple’s rent because they refurbished the garage, but the young couple aren’t actually allowed to use the garage. Later, when the young couple complains about the smell of weed wafting into their unit, the landlords tell them they’re lucky they’re not being charged extra rent for all the free second-hand smoke they get to inhale.

L’Entente Cordiale (The Cordial Agreement) is a lot of fun. Just observe and ride the madness.

I highly recommend this one. Can the young couple ever reach a cordial agreement with the greedy landlords? You’ll want to find out for yourself.

More info & links:

  • Directors: Gautier Piton, Clement Douillet
  • L’Entente Cordiale (The Cordial Agreement) on Facebook
  • L’Entente Cordiale (The Cordial Agreement) screened at the OCan Film Festival in Ottawa in 2022.

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