Review: The Trapline

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“A good price, a solid handshake and a lot of Jägermeister” between two people brings you a thrilling story from the magnificent mountains of Yukon, about a female trapper taking on a legacy.

Sydney Van Loon grows up to be a self-sufficient woman that has found her calling, something she wishes she dies doing, as a trapper in the harsh living conditions of the deep and daunting mountains. The film very brilliantly describes the conversation between two like-minded and dedicated individuals who share their love for trapping despite the challenges it throws their way.

Winner of the ‘Best Mountain Culture’ short film at the Whistler Film Festival, 2022, a riveting short that will leave you with a lasting message to find your calling even if the process consumes you.  

Overall, I’d recommend watching this film for its breathtaking visuals of snow-capped mountains and a story that makes you want to pursue a passion of your own!

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Siddhi Shukal

Film Reviewer

Siddhi Shukal is a 25 years old lawyer turned writer, who prefers taking much more liberty writing fiction than what is sanctioned by the law. With a long lineage of writers in the family it wasn’t a surprise to anybody when she published her first book at the age of 17. What did come as a surprise was her decision to choose law over literature. Eight years later, however, Siddhi decided to return to her one and only respite: writing. Along with a degree in law and a lot of freelancing experience under various fields Siddhi is now pursuing a diploma in Scriptwriting at Algonquin College.