Review: Tessellate

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In a world where the technology to custom-make your personality has been developed, a conflicted technician encounters a client hoping to alter her motor-mouth character.

If you could change one thing about yourself, would you? What if you could change everything?

In Rob Jacobsen’s film Tessellate, technology physically controls people by altering their personalities.

Jacobsen conveys how the individuals want to be perfect; their “imperfection breeds desire.” They are rewired to conceal their flaws and characteristics in order to become better people.

Rob Jacobsen colourfully depicts how visually stimulating technology is, and that all identities are interconnected. He shows how change, although desirable, is ultimately unnecessary, if people are unapologetically themselves.

More info & links:

  • Director: Rob Jacobsen
  • Official Website
  • Tesselate is available to view on YouTube.
  • Tessellate screened at the Ottawa Canadian Film Festival in 2020.

Catharine Horsley

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